Real Time Insights into Your Patient’s Health

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The Phygital Periscope

In today’s healthcare landscape, fragmented systems and outdated infrastructure often lead to costly, time-consuming processes and suboptimal outcomes for patients. It’s time for innovative solutions that bridge these gaps, focusing on prevention, improved care, and effective treatment.

Introducing the Phygital Perspective – your essential tool for gaining real-time insights into your patients’ health. In a digitally connected world, PinkTree offers a unique phygital experience, seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms to enhance patient care.

While patients may receive support from their families, having the expertise of external resources can significantly enhance disease management. 

PinkTree serves as that invaluable external support, aiding patients and healthcare professionals alike in navigating the complexities of illness management.

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Graphical Report at a Click

Access your patients’ lung health records with a simple click. The app presents all patient-entered data in a comprehensive graphical format, customizable to your preferred start and end dates, in real time.

This feature enables you to review your patients’ lung health with ease and offers the potential to identify and address any future health risks based on the data presented.

Patients can also receive a copy of this detailed report during their next visit to your practice

Just like HbA1c is for Diabetes,
LungSco is for your Lung Disease.


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A Lung Health Score for your patients that will help you determine their lung health status and avoid future health risks

LungSco offers a unique scoring system that compiles critical quantitative health parameters related to lung health. 

Through a sophisticated statistical model, these parameters are transformed into a simplified score, providing a clear understanding of your patients’ respiratory well-being.

This score not only informs your patients about any changes in their health status with regular updates but also enables you to track the trend of their health scores over time, helping you anticipate and address future health risks proactively.

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The CAAT Score

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Introduces The CAAT Test

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Formerly known as the CAT test, this straightforward questionnaire serves as a valuable tool for guiding your patients through the complexities of chronic lung diseases.

CAAT is an 8-item questionnaire that will help assess the impact of Asthma and COPD in your patients’ lives and improve shared decision-making about their lung health.

As a diagnosis-agnostic patient-reported instrument for obstructive lung diseases, the CAAT offers practicality and efficiency, making it particularly suitable for both real-world clinical studies and routine practice, especially in time-constrained settings.

The globally acclaimed CAAT test is NOW available on the PINK TREE app.

*CAAT – Chronic Airways Assessment Test

**COPD Foundation logo is a trademark of the COPD Foundation Inc. PinkTree Health LLP has the permission to use the CAAT test and COPD Foundation logo in PinkTree Health mobile app/website as a part of its collaboration with the COPD Foundation Inc.


Events are medical programs happening near you!

If you are a doctor, you could organize your own event on the PinkTree Platform

These could be organized by doctors in your area who are part of the PinkTree app or by an organization. The events could be free or paid, online or offline, based on the nature of the events and their scale as decided by the doctor. The event will appear in your home screen if it is related to your disease condition or happening in your area or city. There could also be events which are ment for the general public or specifically for patients who suffer from a lung condition.

The purpose of these events is to help you connect with the community. Events could be focused on knowledge about your disease and its management, events such as marathon could be for a cause or events could also include lung health detection camps!

Testimonials of Opinion Leaders

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Prof. Paul Jones

Emeritus Professor of Respiratory Medicine at St. George’s University, University of London.

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Dr. Pralhad Prabhudesai

Consultant Pulmonary Physician, Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.